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VoIP Wholesale Termination: Non CLI vs CLI routes
If you’re interested in VoIP wholesale termination, then you need to understand the concept of CLI. CLI stands for simply, Caller ID. Caller ID is an important feature in VoIP. Caller ID is when calling another phone, your number will appear in there Caller ID so they can recognize it is you.

Why is CLI important?

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Business Solutions

CellXP has been a prominent VoIP service provider since 2009. Ever since our inception, we have charted a significant growth in developing customer base and carrier-interconnections with our successful complete VOIP Business Solutions. CellXP mission as a global communications provider is to sustain mutually valuable relationships with its customers, employees, and community.

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“ "CellXP carried out a lengthy search to find a cost effective phone dialer application that would meet all of our requirements. CellXP pc to phone software was chosen both for being both cost effective and for being willing and able to incorporate a number of modifications and design features. The manner in which CellXP dealt with all of our requests both technical and commercially was without fault with the end result being that we now have a softphone that meets all of our requirements" ”